Prepare for the meme attack* because it’s Voca Nico Night time! As part of Niconico Summer Master 2013, Voca Nico Night 4 will go live at August 16! And in commemoration of the announcement, Voca Nico Night 3, Niconico Music Master and Niconico Dance Master 4 will be rebroadcasted!

(*Yeah, I was fucking had with the words “carrot” and probably “hair” at Voca Nico Night 3! I tried to counter it with my own word meme, “プリンセスまいんちゃん”, but failed to fucking respond! New weapon: Princess Mana / マーナ姫)


Voca Nico Night 3 rebroadcast ~
Niconico Music Master rebroadcast ~
Niconico Dance Master 5 rebroadcast ~

(UPDATED: 8.13.13 5.02 PM PHT, #2, wrong date fixed, other)


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