8.9.13 ~ It’s Been A While… ~ Just Another Delay In Between

It’s been a while since the last post. Wanna know why I took the time off this blog this time?

Well, during that time, I was really busy, with school obstacles and my dad going abroad, that all I can say it to you. But! This blog will still not be declared inactive! Might had been doing a couple of thinking for the next post,so why not continue thinking? But anyway, list of coming mentions for the blog:

  • EVENT: Voca Nico Night 4 Report! (SOON!)
  • EVENT: Fatal Frame Series la 72 HEURES
  • EVENT: Pokemon World C’ships Vancouver 2013 from Niconico
  • OPINION: Watashi wa OtoMAD o tsukuritai. / I want to make an OtoMAD.

And a few other things…

So, let us continue!


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