90 minutes till Voca Nico Night 4, and here is what I will see.

A topic meme might begin again. But what topic? Don’t tell me it’s the carrots again from Voca Nico Night 3… Maybe a new topic meme other than carrots. Maybe none. That’s why I shall stand by the “Princess Mana” weapon I said in case.

Did you know? Vocafarre 2011? Kaito. Kaito is the chatting spotlight. You know what I fucking mean? Well, maybe not in this case…

If I see that my weapon fails to work, then maybe at the next Voca Nico Night, I will use “Princess Celestia” from “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”!

Well then, whatever I say, do your part. Next post at around 9:00pm-ish.

(UPDATED: 8.16.13 1.58PM PHT, #1, minor fixes)


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