9.14.13 ~ Wow, 250. That’s A Good Start.

More than 250 views has been recorded since I started the blog, with over thirty percent of the views coming in from the United States.

The United States had dominated my blog’s view by country analytic ranking at number one (Japan at number five), so…

Well done, Niconico. That’s what kept me going.

There is something I want to reveal it to you once we reach, maybe 500, or so? Well, let’s see…

But enough stat talk, this is a blog dedicated to everything Niconico! So? Le’s do it more further! Maybe you wanted more Vocaloid! Yeah, maybe… But! If you want to be a true Master of Niconico, you better learn other things Niconico is crazy about, not just that!

Until then, see you next post!


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