Tokyo Game Show 2013 live coverage on Niconico! Select live streams feature English dubs! Timeshift ’em today!

~ Niconico (via Facebook)

TGS 2013 is finally here, and Niconico (as well as IGN and other news sources) is at it to capture the moments! From the 19th to the 22nd, Niconico will cover most of TGS 2013 via their services! Taiko, Sega, anything you see grand, don’t miss your chance now!

1. English commentaries only at select streams. Find yours now!
2. No FFXV or KH3 here >_< ┌∩┐ FUCK YOU PLANNERS! (?)

P.S.: Now's the time to reserve your timeshift. GET TO IT!

Channel page (IN JAPANESE, ASSHOLES!) ~

(UPDATED: 9.20.13 7.31 PM PHT, #1, wrong picture)


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