10.15.13 ~ It’s Been A While… ~ Dengue Scare

It’s been a while since the last post. Wanna know why I took the time off this blog this time?

Just a few hours before version Ginza had came, I got a fever. I was sent to the doctor for a CBC or two (GOD FUCK CBC’S). I was scared about being confined if my platelets go below the 150-ish mark! Plus some other things after that. But anyway, list of coming mentions for the blog:

  • GALLERY: Niconico’s New Version “GINZA”: My First Experience
  • VIDEO: Super Love Feeling
  • OPINION: Monster Hunter 4. Pokemon X And Y. Grand Theft Auto 5. Call Of Duty Black Ops 2. BATTLE.

And a few other things…

So, let us continue!


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