Nico Live exclusive: “AAA TOUR 2013 Eighth Wonder Tour Finale” live stream! Timeshift it now!

~ Niconico (via Facebook)

Exclusive on Niconico, the finale of AAA’s “Eighth Wonder” 2013 tour!

Fact: AAA at that time ushered over 150K Japanese fans! Hope that the English side stays on the same line!

P.S.: AAA’ers, perform a timeshift. Also, “live on call” portion FOR PREMIUMS ONLY.

AAA Live Broadcast ~

And that suffices the news for today! Next post might be off for the coming TSG Halloween Marathon Mirror Streaming Ritual! Wanna see a mirror broadcast of the (PARTIAL) TSG Halloween Marathon? Come visit my Twitch channel! Channel name: “imaginarypokemonchampion” (without notation)

See you next post ~dechu!!

(UPDATED: 10.23.13 6.52PM PHT, #1, title fix)


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