There’s nothing like playing some good ol’ wholesome video games with your buds and now you can experience that same sensation with the members of w-inds this Friday night!

~ Niconico (via EN blog)

This next w-inds. stream is sponsored by a game. Yup, a game.

On Friday, the members of the band will be treated to a game called “Downtown Nekketsu March: Let’s Go to the Great Athletic Meet”. Nothing like playing video games, I just want to tell you.

And if that is not enough, there is an encore of “w-inds. Live Tour 2012 Move Like This” preceding the program.

P.S.: w-inds. fans, let’s reserve your timeshifts. Also, HD simulcast for premiums ONLY.

w-inds. Live Broadcast ~

See you next post ~dechu!!

(UPDATED: 10.23.13 7.10PM PHT, #1, minor fixes)


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