I am a good person,
and granted everything I want.

I am a good person,
and being socially accepted by everyone.

The people who followed the religion,
became good persons.

Those who followed the religion,
who are universally accepted “into the world”,
must follow those steps,
to become good persons.

Here is what I must do,
to become a good person,
like everyone else.

I looked into a young girl,
showed me her panties,
photographed it,
shared it to Facebook, Twitter, and other services,
under the caption,
raped her,
and posted my actions on LiveLeak,
for everyone to see.

Then I fought with the KKK,
kicked their asses.

Lastly, I bribed the NHK,
and aired the photo of the little girl in her panties,
on television, by force.

And then,

I am declared,
a good person,
and given everything I want.

Thank you, and fuck the Emperor of Japan.


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