Well, the Harajuku Player has left and gone to the great beyond and in it’s wake sits the Ginza Player.

~ Niconico via Facebook

On December 3 2013, after more than half a decade, our old generation has finally fallen.

From this version’s birth in late October 2010 to Niconico’s English debut in mid-April 2011, from the leap to the next generation in May 2012 to coming full international circle with verison Q in mid-October 2012, from the majority of 2013 to where we are now, version Ginza, in October 2013, Harajuku has been through it all.

The video and live players since Niconico’s inception.
The memes and fads we had together.
The legacies that were forged, Vocaloid, Touhou, and the like.

And now, on that day, that legacy generation has done it’s final curtain call.
Beyond this date, the next generation has truly begun.

Harajuku, it’s been nice knowing you.



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