12.6.13 ~ Wow, 500. That’s Nice! Here’s Something To Share!

500! Now that’s how it all about! Keep it up!

As I said on the 250-view mark post, I had something to show you, but! Not one, but TWO things I want to show you about:

First, I am not just a blogger, having been working on this blog (as well as the predecessor blog I failed) maybe every day (except a few disruptions). I am working on a wiki that I created in 2012. The host; Wikia. The name?

Niconico Douga Wiki

Right now, there is only one editor dormant since it’s creation, and that is me. If you want to contribute, I appreciate it, if you have a Wikia account (since Wikia is the host of this wiki).

Here is the link: niconicodouga.wikia.com

Second, this blog’s theme has evolved thank to WordPress; it’s goodbye to Twenty Thirteen, hello to Twenty Fourteen!

Here is the gist of the new theme! en.blog.wordpress.com/2013/11/20/twenty-fourteen

Well, our next stop is 1000! Do you think we could do this? Well, I do!

But for now, that’s for today!
See you next post ~dechu!!


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