With more than than 20 hours to go until Voca Nico Xmas Party (starting at 12.24.13 6:00pm JST / 5:00pm PHT), let me say something about Voca Nico Night 4:

“Princess Mana” may had done a little part in stealing the spotlight against “Carrots”, “Pollo” et cetera, but it was done in vain. That will be done again with “Princess Sofia”! Some said not to bring back “Princess Mana” into the fray.

Yeah, I know that it’s a few of my Niconico Personas who is responsible. And with just after a maybe less than 250 songs left before the party, well, you get the point.

If you don’t know “Princess Sofia”, Wikipedia is your friend: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sofia_the_First

That is all for today.
Se you next post na non~!

(UPDATED: 12.23.13 9.23 PM PHT, #1, title fix + other)


2 thoughts on “12.23.13 ~ Voca Nico Xmas Party ~ ETA 20 HEURES ~ Jewelpet VS. Sofia The First

  1. Oh, you were the one doing all that Princess Sofia stuff? Lol. I was kind of wondering who kept saying it over and over lol. I was part of the whole carrot thing in VNN4 😉

    Also, darn WordPress doesn’t let me use Twitter, so I had to use Google+…

    1. It was me, under the “Hanhan/Kodama” personas.

      Those online personas of mine are lovers of the show, “Sofia The First”. Just call those personas “sofia-hime no ookina otomodachi”.

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