12.25.12 ~ The season’s greetings from the man of the blog

Hello everyone. I am “Quiet One”.

Wow. A good start from blog always stays in the stage of pre-bloom.

When I started this blog, meant to replace the blog I had failed to maintain for a year, or perhaps, there is still hope in getting my message to get the world to like Niconico. This blog were to take the former blog’s wish to share you the world of Niconico, from a foreign Niconico user’s point of view.

From the beginning of this blog, in May, to where we are now, it was a time for me to be myself when being focused to Niconico. When the US were to take the lead of the blog’s per-country ranking, when in two occasions; something else were posted, when such blog might me more Vocaloid-centric, this blog was meant to be a window for all lovers of Niconico to wander.

Kudos to all of you who viewed even just a single page on this blog. Every view, every one of you who entered this blog, I will treasure. I will be more grateful to be more active for this.

But for now, this will be the last post for the year of 2013, as the blog will be taking a little break from now until the new year. Hope that I could spend the last days of the year in tranquility from the stress of thinking what I must write on this blog…

That is all from me for tonight.
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year na non~!

(UPDATED: 12.25.13 11.18 PM PHT, #1, minor fix)


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