1.1.14 ~ Akimashite Omedetou Gozaimasu na non~!

And here we are guys, welcome to 2014.

After some very good starts last year, we are ready for what was to come this year! Version releases, game releases, trend impacts, Vocaloids, fads, et cetera! Hope you could enjoy what the blog will talk about! I’m even going to wank!

(sudden stoppage of music)


Much of you are talking about Vocaloids or its covers whenever it comes to Niconico, to the point that you don’t even care about the other things Niconico has to offer, so the blog was to cover the topics that you might expect. For myself, I love not only Vocaloids, but other cultures on Niconico. Be it MADs, Idolm@ster, Touhou, Anime… …whatever.

But for now, I will be more responsively productive to make this blog more popular for this year! And to do this, there are some posts I will prepare for you.

Currently, I have “some things” to keep you interested that will be posted on this blog, like a challenge:\

  • “I will have to expand the blog based on your feedback, which I will begin some time.”
  • “You wanted Vocaloid?” “Like more than 100 Vocaloid songs to feature on this blog per year?”
  • “Chokaigi 3?” “What?”
  • “Want the latest anime features on this blog?”
  • “I want a tutorial.” “I wanna learn about Niconico.”
  • “I need your help!”
  • “Let’s compare!”
  • “GAY! GAY! GAY!”
  • “Let’s do the It Series!”
  • …and more

Well, maybe, but right now, not the time to talk about it. I will keep you posted about Niconico whenever you need it.
See you next post na non~!


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