At least 100 athletes has been declared dead as of 4:00 PM February 10 2014 MSK, Russian police has confirmed via Niconico News.

“First the gays, now this”, said Moscow Police Commissioner Anatoly Yakunin. “This is rare”.

Russian police has confirmed that over a hundred athletes has been killed during the 2014 Olympic Winter Games being taking place at Sochi. Who’s to blame? A “snow terrorist”.

“Currently, whoever did this called him or herself a “snow terrorist”, according to a letter sent to the Russian government. He or she also has plans to disrupt the Games.”

Here is the letter:

“Would you not think about what your native atmosphere has allowed me? I has killed the athletes that has an ambition to take the gold away from the nations I therefore support. Plus, I will take the games under my control! Will you be prepared?

Elsa, Snow Terrorist”

Currently, the police has yet to discover in person the “snow terrorist”.

Source: Niconico News

UPDATE NO. 1: Police has confirmed the names of the victims. Here are some of them:

*Sara Takanashi (Japan)
*Jenni Asserholt (Sweden)
*Charles Hamelin (Canada)
*Alexander Ovechkin (Russia)
*Florent Amodio (France)
*Daisuke Takahashi (Japan)
*Juhamatti Aaltonen (Finland)
*Yurie Adachi (Japan)
*Meghan Agosta-Marciano (Canada)
*Jeremy Abbott (America)
*Lars Berger (Norway)
*Krasimir Anev (Bulgaria)


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