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All athletes killed two days ago now declared revived as of 2:18 PM February 12 2014 MSK, confirmed former IOC president Jacques Rogge via Niconico News, attack against Putin And Bach also confirmed

“All of the athletes are now back on their feet, but now we have a bigger problem”, said Jacques Rogge. “Now it’s the two presidents that are dragged into physical and personal conflicts for someone”.

As the Olympics is now at the fifth day, and with the athletes back in good condition, new light has been shed over whoever did such attacks. As confirmed via a closely accurate rough sketch released by the Russian police, the full details has followed:

The name of the assailant is confirmed as “Queen Elsa Of Arendelle”. She has a infamous criminal history as followed in chronological order:

*Unleashed a man-made catastrophic snow storm in her home country (time unknown)
*Instigated the murder of Swedish comedienne and Eurovision 2013 host Petra Mede (December 2 2013)
*Triggered civil unrest in Norway (December 25 2013)
*Unleashed a record-breaking man-made hostile polar vortex in America (January 5 2014)
*(now under consideration) Disruption of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Her current plans are now being directed at killing Vladimir Putin (Russian Federation President) and Thomas Bach (former fencer, current IOC president), Russian police also confirmed.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: Niconico News

UPDATE 1: Wrong followup link fixed


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