3.28.14 ~ Wow, 1000. Great Job! Here’s Something To Share!

Our view count has now reached the quad digit! Keep going!

Now how about some plans, will you? I have created a Niconico Community just for our fans! The details are as follows.

The name? “Forever My Princess Sofia ~ Wanderers Of English Niconico ~”!
The ID? “co2277677”!
The purpose? Coordinate to expose Niconico to the whole world!

Well right now, the English Niconico has a small exposure, but what I want is to make the English community of Niconico to be popular (or at least near on par with the Japanese community). Here’s the skinny on Niconico EN’s current state:

  • Niconico EN is right now almost a year and a half old and the community is still developing!
  • Almost 15K videos flagged under “Translation Request (Videos flagged for translation)
  • Current tag editing targets are Vocaloid and MADs
  • Social presence: 50K fans on Facebook and almost at 3K followers on Twitter
  • Services like Niconico Seiga, Niconico Channel and New Search Function (Beta) yet to roll out to English Version

And with this community, we can make it more popular! To do that, I ask of you to join in. Premium Members, video translators and fans who wish of this future are best welcomed.

Community Link ~ http://com.nicovideo.jp/community/co2277677

So, 1000. But what about the plan for 2500? Shall we make it? I bet there will be a surprise for this milestone.

But for now, all is now said and done!
See you next post ~desu wa!!


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