4.25.14 ~ Chokaigi 3 is almost here, but not for me. I WANT TO WATCH NICONICO CHO PARTY 3 FOR FREE.

Chokaigi 3 and Cho Party III is almost upon us, as everyone will have their eyes glued to the super convention hard-tailored to fans of the social video service come tomorrow, Japan Time. Unfortunately, I am not going to join in the bandwagon, as I am re-streaming the TSG Indie Marathon. The reason why I might had to not mind about Chokaigi 3 is…

…my mind wants to watch Cho Party III.

What you saying? Well, for starters, “Niconico Cho Party” is like Niconico’s version of Youtube Live, but the difference is that while Youtube Live is, of course, free to watch (not available but you want to know about this, see the Wikipedia article at the end of the post), “Niconico Cho Party” is, unfortuanely…

Yup yup, what the image says. Niconico Cho Party is, you know it, PAY-PER-VIEW. You will need to get your hands on a ticket to watch this. My mind wanted to watch this for free.

So, better standby for the mirrors anytime after that…

Anyway, all said and done…
See you next post ~desu wa…

P.S. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YouTube_Live


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