7.10.14 ~ It’s Been A While… ~ Japanese Midsummer / 2014-2015 Beginning Report

Wow. What a great break from this blog!

I had watched 3 marathons (as well as getting my Twitch account back), spent my beginnings of the new school year, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc, (random gibberish) but at last, I had to get the blog back up to speed, with these (note: only the select “new” ones in my backlog of posts is listed below):

  • Video/Viral Alert: sm23907766 – “$30K Travel Scandal” Japanese Politician Cries
  • Opinion: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is finally here
  • New Section: Singer Spotlight

Also, the others from the previous “It’s Been A While” entries, still on my backlog…

And now, BACK TO ADVENTURE ~meu!

(P.S. Quote: Stuffwell, Mario And Luigi Partners In Time)


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