7.11.14 ~ sm23907766 ~ The $30K Travel Scandal Of “Tearful” Ryutaro Nonomura



That is what I must tell it to you, my friends, he is the man. On that day, he held a press conference to make amends for abusing over $30K of government funds on travel. 195 trips were made, 106 of them to the exact same hot spring resort! All of them had left no receipt, not even a trace! Is this fucking legal, technically or not, or totally not? Anyway, it’s not him who is also responsible for the surge of OtoMAD videos, the world also have their asses on him!

A provincial Japanese politician filmed crying while trying to explain his profligate use of public funds resigned on Friday as an investigation into the expenses scandal was expanded.

~ The Guardian ~ http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/11/crying-japanese-politician-resigns-ryutaro-nonomura

A video clip of a weeping Japanese politician accused of dubious spending on trips to a hot springs has gone viral, leaving many outraged and puzzled.

~ Fox News ~ http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/07/03/video-crying-japanese-politician-ryutaro-nonomura-goes-viral/

Ryutaro Nonomura, a 47-year-old assemblyman, is under fire for allegedly spending government funds (about 3 million yen, or almost $30,000) to take 195 trips to various hot spring resorts without providing receipts. Nonomura openly reported the trips to the assembly, and those trips were not technically illegal, he is being harangued by the public for an explanation.

~ Mashable ~ http://mashable.com/2014/07/03/crying-japanese-politician-video/

A 47-year-old provincial politician was rapidly becoming an Internet phenomenon in Japan on Wednesday after crying like a toddler as he tried to explain his profligate use of public funds.

~ GMA News ~ http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/368386/scitech/socialmedia/trending-japanese-politician-becomes-youtube-hit-for-crying-like-a-baby

Japanese politician Ryutaro Nonomura, a member of the Hyogo Prefectural Assembly that represents areas like Kobe, held a press conference for apology on July 1, Wednesday. This 47-year-old provincial politician become an Internet phenomenon overnight after he freaked out and started crying as he tried to explain his profligate use of government funds.

~ Dailypedia ~ http://www.thedailypedia.com/2014/07/ryutaro-nonomuras-crying-apology/

Den japanska lokalpolitikern Ryutaro Nonomura anklagas för att ha förskingrat upp emot 3 miljoner yen (cirka 200 000 kronor). När han frågas ut av media under en presskonferens brister allt för honom. Politikern börjar störtgråta, skrika, slå händerna och pannan i bordet medan han stammar fram förklaringar som att han bara vill förändra samhället, och att han har offrat sitt liv för Japan: ”Förstår ni inte?!”

~ Metro (Sweden) ~ http://www.metro.se/teknik/japansk-politiker-bryter-ihop-under-presskonferens/EVHngc!z4d4g0zdyls/ (SWEDISH, MOTHERFUCKER!)

Anfangs ist Ryutaro Nonomura noch gefasst, wenn er auch angeschlagen wirkt. Er muss sich auf einer Pressekonferenz gegen Vorwürfe wehren, er habe Reisen zu einer Thermalquelle auf Staatskosten gemacht. Eine Zeitung hatte berichtet, dass er allein im vergangenen Jahr 106 Mal dort gewesen sei. Die Kosten beliefen sich auf umgerechnet 21.500 Euro. Illegal sind solche Besuche nicht, und der Politiker hatte sie auch angemeldet. Eine Erklärung war er aber dennoch vielen Menschen schuldig.

~ RP (Germany) ~ http://www.rp-online.de/politik/ausland/heulkrampf-japanischer-politiker-landet-hit-im-netz-aid-1.4362857 (GERMAN, MOTHERFUCKER!)

Note for safe watchers: SAFE.

(My misc. opinion on certain point: None)

Original Youtube video courtesy of vivipandanzon ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3pZMA5275M
Niconico mirror courtesy of もょも (ACCOUNT REQUIRED, MOTHERFUCKERS!) ~ http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23907766

All said and done!
See you next post ~meu!


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