9.23.14 ~ #im1959148 ~ The #ManyFaces of #Kirby

The first picture feature of this blog, featuring Kirby being: thinking, cheerful, angry, sad, or… …whatever. Such a pink, crazy, blobby, fucking bottomless psychopath. All he wants is, yup, you know it, FOOD.

But at least I was amused by the fact that he is also a Niconico All-Star coming from the RC2 generation. Gourmet Race (might include the Paint Panic version of this song), Sky High, Sand Canyon, that’s what he was known for, on Niconico.

Image by 塩八 ~ http://seiga.nicovideo.jp/seiga/im1959148
(Food for thought: 11th pic, Kirby wants a Mega Potato, I also want to)

All said and done!
See you next post ~meu!


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