12.29.14 ~ It’s Been A While… ~ Almost 3 months!

Am I dead yet? NO!

Anyway, It’s been three months since the last blog post (about Kirby), very busy with school, getting my computer rig upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit (can’t wait for Windows 10), and some other stuff.

But the real reason had to be with the trouble of maintaining the categories and tags of my posts (the old categories were bad, I had to erase them for a new set of categories, but still giving me a headache). Add in “NO TIME TO MAINTAIN THIS BLOG” and what do I get? My current (small) subscriber base might comment me on my three-month inactivity on my blog!

“Fuck me”, as what GXXXXN RXXXXY says (I don’t want to tell the f-word chef’s name on this blog, this chef and this “social video network” must not be paired together!), but I had too much to do something on this blog (recently enjoying my fucking Geforce GTX 460 SE by playing games that my computer can previously only run on low settings, gathering some Bitcoin (WordPress currently accepts Bitcoin as a purchase option along with the traditional “PayPal”, which I can’t use until I’m 18), etc.), although I was aware about this.

But, that doesn’t mean I’m dead yet! You had your Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas on Niconico, but this blog might be pretty much active starting next year. The first posts for 2015 might be something you want for (If you were for “Frozen” or “Yo-kai Watch”).

What? Did I mean that the first posts for 2015 might involve these two IPs? Don’t get me fucking started. Now, allow me to enjoy the final 50-ish hours of 2014, and I’ll get back to you.



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