~ Scene 1 ~

Hanhan: I believe that the tags are pretty much sufficient, but still not enough.
Kodama: What do you mean?
Hanhan: Right now, the “Description Still Not Translated” tag has just passed the limit, currently at about 253 or so.
Kodama: And those bastards aren’t going increase the video limit for the tag until a new version is released on Niconico…
Hanhan: Correct. But that version is still far from any mention.
Kodama: And about what must we do at Voca Nico Night 4? About Princess Rosalina?
Hanhan: Rosalina is still our top priority come Voca Nico Night 5, but this is also currently far from any mention.

~ Scene 2 ~

Danfrael: Still have any luck finding a Yo-Kai Watch or Frozen video on YouTube to call?
Lise: Nothing yet. Plus Touken Ranbu’s fucking going crazy all over the goddamn site! OtoMADs, MMDs, what fucking else?
Isabelle: Even we can’t normally hear SEKAI NO OWARI’s Dragon Night because of the copyright! I looked for videos of this song on the Tube, but all might have at least something to mask the original audio!
Danfrael: Pitch-shift, effect, even game play videos using this song purely is subject to motherfucking copyright infraction!
Lise: All I see are OtoMADs using the song unedited.

~ Scene 3 ~

???: Chokaigi 2015 and Cho Party 2015?
???: Separated from each other for the first time…
???: Saitama Super Arena…
???: Best we await the rebroadcast of last year’s Cho Party.
???: OK.

~ Scene 4 ~

Asbel: Kantai Collection and Touken Ranbu are pretty much too popular.
Samantha: But it think it is geo-restricted to Japanese players. Even I cannot be able to access the DMM site properly.
Charles: Me too.
Samantha: Can we talk about anything other than these two?
Asbel: I rather talk about Utaites like Soraru and Mafumafu.
Charles: Let’s talk about Gunpla, or OtoMADs!
Samantha: Um…. Attakai Dakara.
Charles: Fuck that song! I hate comedy.
Samantha: What about Yo-Kai Watch?

(Amended Wednesday, February 25, 2015, supposed to be #4, not #3 (#1) )


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