???: Begin.

Buzzer sounds off very loudly

???: Kantai Collection is right now in a heated battle with Touken Ranbu, as per what the Anime/Art/Games top rankings say.
Bell sounds off
???: It’s nice to see Steven Universe making a mention in the Anime rankings. 2 YGO series, K-On! & Smile Precure! also made it.
Bell sounds off
???: Tags for today are as follows per my memory; First is OtoMAD, then GUMI, followed by Jin, Kantai Collection, Touken Ranbu, Glutamine, & last is Megurine Luka.
Bell sounds off
???: Melt by Hatsune Miku is now at about 300,000 views short to reach the ten million viewer mark & the second Hall of Myth entry, with Regret Message by Kagamine Rin now at about a thousand views left for the latest entry to the Hall of Legends.
Bell sounds off
???: Sailor Moon Crystal dominates the local rankings outside Japan once again with its seventeenth episode, as confirmed by local Nicochuus.
Bell sounds off
???: Facebook Nico Report & Facebook Review is being taken off from Niconico starting from the 24th of March in coincidence with Facebook undergoing an upgrade come the end of April, phasing out Graph API V1.0 one of the plans.
Bell sounds off
???: Niconico EN is also advertising both the Ayakashi Hyakkiyako Illustration Contest & the Emblem of Falkyria Character Contest with a cash prize up for grabs.
Bell sounds off
???: To top it all off, I would like to acknowledge some videos. sm25659796, sm25444198 & sm25430228.
Buzzer sounds off very loudly

???: Can we confirm what she said in the end? Ririri is collaborating with Sanrio Puroland at a later date, but we need an absolute confirmation.
???: Do what’s necessary. We better need official word from them.


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