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4.19.15 ~ #sm22349544 ~ #ChildishWar

Yai yai yai yai! (`o´)

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Owch… bumped in the head whilst talking about “Gradually Getting Faster”… *suddenly rises, suprised* Oh, look, a sibling rivalry! That’s what the butler had wanted. A fight against each other, FOR THE FUCKING THRONE! However, (spoiler alert) they end up in a draw.

This song was originally written by Giga-P & Reol for Kradness & Reol; but however, Rin and Len’s version was released that very same day. Talk about planning Vocaloid and Niconico Indie (?) simultaneous releases!

On the other hand, Warner Japan grabbed this song for the “Download feat. Hatsune Miku” compilation album. Nice fucking try, Warner. But can this fucking take off?

If only if I had an idea for the next post… can it be “Connecting”? Or something I must do?

Safe watchers’ note: All clear!
(My thoughts on certain points: None)

Above Youtube mirror (official) courtesy of reolch ~
Original videos on Niconico (ACCOUNT REQUIRED, MOTHERFUCKERS!) ~

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